Table tennis table size; Guide to choosing accurate

Many of the table tennis lovers want to know the accurate table tennis table size. Table Tennis is a very well-known game all over the world. However, this game requires two or four players, a fixed table, a ball, racket, net and some rules. Its main platform is the flat table and without the table, one cannot enjoy this game properly. The table has a fixed dimension, size, height, color, and formation. Moreover, the surface must be totally plain. The ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) decides all the rules and limitations of table tennis. Now I am delineating all the specifications of a table tennis table here.

Facts of the table tennis table size

Table tennis table size

You obviously need to know the table tennis table size to choose right one. Otherwise you might feel great problem to play, spacialy playing with ping pong robot. So, read the following part, and I am describing it in details.


The table tennis table is rectangular in size. Its length is 2.74m or 9 feet and the width is 1.525m, or 5 feet. The table should be 76cm or 30 inches high from the ground and also the net height from the table surface is 15.25cm. A standard ping pong ball should be hit from 30cm above the table surface.

The Surface

The very first condition of the table is it must have a plain surface. The surface can be covered with matt. The whole place should be horizontal and it should not contain any vertical edges. It has to be smooth. Moreover, no obstruction or fraction problem should be there on the table surface.

The Markings

The surface of the table tennis table normally possesses black color. It might be blue or green also. There must be a white mark at all the four edges of the table. It marks the end of the table as well as the ending of playing ground. The white line is 2cm in width and the lines along length are called ‘side lines’. Contrarily the lines along the width are termed ‘end lines.’ For doubles, there is one more white line and this line divides the main two halves. It goes through the center of the table surface in parallel with the side lines. This mark is 3mm wide and it is termed ‘center line.’ The center line is invalid in single’s play. It is only used for doubles.Any fluorescent or luminescent light cannot be used as color in the playing area.

Table Element

The table for ping pong is a not a normal one. The ITTF has permitted wooden table. Besides, they have allowed some wooden derivate too for making the table. Sometimes, the edges of the table are hard. Then you must cut away the battening to the net post’s joints. There is a free space between the battening on the two halves of the table. This space should be at least 70 mm wide. It should extend at least 100 mm under the table too.

Other Specifications

The finish of color on the upper surface is high in quality. ITTF allowed spraying and rolling color on it. Any brush mark is totally unacceptable. In addition, there should be no reflective ability on the surface. It hampers the playing. The dynamic CoF between the playing surface and a standard ball should not be more than 0.6. The ITTF has approved this measured level. The ball can bounce to an extent and spin. The authority measures the bounce using an approved ball. In order to do this, they drop the ball from a height of 300mm. The ball must bounce back to 230-260mm height.

There might be advertisement of a logo on the table surface. This ad can only sit on the sides or edges of the surface. It cannot exceed 60cm length. Otherwise, the ad will be canceled. Some tables might have height control facility at the bottom. Some can also adjust movable wheels that help the movement of it to and fro.

Table tennis has its fans all over the world. The table, a very important part must fulfill the requirements for approval. So, it is important to know the table tennis table size. Thus, the players can enjoy the game fully. No defect is considerable in this case. Now, you can choose a perfect table and enjoy this famous game. If you are a review sucker, you are welcome for the next content from me.

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