Kitty Whatsapp

Modded version of  WhatsApp is Kitty WhatsApp. You know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and about one billion people are using WhatsApp every day and communicate each other. Whatsapp have some useful features and interested, but few people cannot cope up with it  Because they are going to use some features Which are not available at WhatsApp.

Kitty Whatsapp

Kitty WhatsApp is unofficial modded app. It has added some new features which don’t find on the official app.  this app available for Android, but it’s not available for ISO.

Features of kitty WhatsApp

This app is unofficial modded WhatsApp. It has some features Which are not available at WhatsApp. Now see some futures Which are not available at WhatsApp.

More input styles

WhatsApp has good quality style, but kitty WhatsApp added some features that make input styles on your Whatsapp.

Font Change

If you want to style font on your Whatsapp, but you can not do it because WhatsApp doesn’t allow to change font style, but you can try this app Because kitty WhatsApp benefited a user to changing WhatsApp font.

Sand 100 MB audio clip

If you want to send an audio clip on the WhatsApp but You cannot do it because WhatsApp does not support to sending audio file who longer than 16 MB. But, This app benefited you to send an audio clip who more than 100 MB.

Sent big video file

Sometimes we need to sent big video file, but we cannot do it because the official app does not allow to send a video who longer than 16 MB. But, if you want to do this, you can use this app because this app helps you to send a big video file who longer than 1GB.

Lock WhatsApp

Some times we need to security on WhatsApp, but the Official app does not allow to lock it. Don’t worry. Becuase kitty WhatsApp has new features that benefited you to lock your WhatsApp. You can try it.

Change the background

If you want to change your WhatsApp background colour but the official app doesn’t permit you to change WhatsApp background colour. But you can do this because kitty WhatsApp has new features that help you to change your WhatsApp background colour.

More features of kitty WhatsApp

  • style home.
  • Input style.
  • 40 font style.
  • Changer languages.
  • Big audio file send.
  • Change the background.
  • Change colour icon.
  • Other arrangements Stability.
  • Anti Expired.
  • Unlocked share with FB.
  • Posted big video file.
  • Some options silent conversation.
  • Supported more medical file pdf, txt, xls,

PPT, card, adds, text, RTF, doc, ppt, zip

  • Multi task talks added.
  • Anti lag codes.
  • Changed the lock design.
  • Size text entry added.
  • More input overall style.
  • Colour ul call.
  • Optional attach to hide Talk button.

Why you use KL WhatsApp

Kitty WhatsApp has some new features these you don’t find on the official app. For example, hide your activity, big video file upload, the Unlimited image sent at once, the Unlimited message sent at once. I hope this is a fantastic app; you can try it.

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