How to Use Waffle Maker- Easy Tips for Beginners

Using waffle makers are almost leisurely using toasters. In a toaster, you need to use dry ingredients (bread) and waffle maker you use wet ingredients (batter). Frozen waffles are most quick breakfast option to make but making homemade waffles are a healthy option and come pretty delicious as well.

You can use ready-made waffle batter mix as well; both require same procedure to using a waffle maker. Want to buy a waffle maker? Check out our cheap waffle maker for the home collection.

How to use a waffle maker to make waffle

How to Use Waffle Maker

Follow these simple procedures give below to make all testy, soft but crispy waffles. If you thirst to learn more, you are welcome to and

Prepare the batter

Make the waffle batter using your favorite recipe from the scratch or the waffle mix. Don’t over mix the batter. Regular batter with few lumps with is fine. You can add cinnamon powder, nuts or fruits to make it tastier. To try different test add a pinch of chili powder to make hot waffles.

Prepare the waffle maker

Plug-in on the waffle maker to warm it up. Some make has an indicator light to show the maker is on. Some include different heat-setting modes like low, medium and high. The low temp mode will cook the waffle at low temperature and max time. The medium will use average, and the top mode uses high temperature but minimum time.

Set the heating mode according to your desired temperature. Brush butter or oil using a silicone brush, or you use oil spray instead.

Pour the batter

If, you are using 7 inches round iron use 1/3 cup of mixture to pour into the maker. Or use the ¾ cup if it’s the Brazilian waffle maker. Pour the batter in a spiral motion, from outside to inside. After that, close the lid properly.

Cooking the waffle

Your waffle should be ready in 5 min. don’t open the lid at this time. At first, it may release a vapor or make some noise. However, some waffle maker has an indicator light to show the waffle is ready. Keep your eye on that. If there is none open the lid and check with a toothpick. The toothpick should not bring out any raw batter with it. The cooked waffle has a dark brown surface which looks more like cake.

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Remove the waffle

Remove your waffle using a plastic or silicon utensil or fork. Don’t use anything made of metal. It will leave a scratch on the nonstick surface of the waffle maker. If you need to make, another batch follows the same method. If not, store the rest of the batter in the fridge for later.

Serve the waffle

Serve your freshly made waffle with butter, honey or maple syrup. Add some freshly sliced strawberries, banana or any fruit you like. To make it fancier sprinkle a generous amount of powdered sugar top of it.

Now the waffle is done, now it’s time to clean it properly. Let the maker cool down entirely then wipe it out with a damp cloth. Don’t use direct water, soap to clean it. If the waffle tray is removable, you can soak in water to clean. Use a plastic scarper or soft kitchen brush to scratch out any burned or striking waffles form it.

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