How to make a Vacuum Cleaner Robot at home

Should anyone wish to create robot vacuum cleaner, read the instruction of how to make a vacuum cleaner robot? This would be a bit challenging than regular vacuum cleaner making. However, it can be an outstanding creation of your home. Following the steps won’t be hard at all. So, let’s get know the easy methods quickly.

Five steps of making Robot Vacuum Cleaner

How to make a Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Before making the robot vacuum cleaner, you need to collect some tools first. The components are Arduino motor shield, 5 Volts computer cooler Turbine, Motor-wheels (2 DC), 5 Volts Battery pack, Cardboard, Melting glue, Plastic box, Plastic ball, Wires, resistors, Powerful magnets. Then read the instruction carefully. You will be able to make the best Vacuum for tile floors. So, let’s get started now. There is a youTube video to help you.

Procedure 1: Make a Robot frame

Cut the cardboard as a circle of 16cm. Make another hole for computer turbine and motor wheels. Glue the magnet to one portion of the plastic box. Set it to the bottom portion of the frame. Fix another magnet upper part of the frame with the glue. So, the box and the frame attached altogether.

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Now set the turbine with the glue upper side of the frame on the big hole. The air will come through the hole towards the turbine. Attach four wooden sticks upper side. That assemble Arduino motor with the motor driver. The Arduino board can remove or reset freely.

Procedure 2: Set up battery and caster wheel

Follow the below steps to set up battery and caster wheel:

  • Attach motor wheel with the melting glue.
  • Glue the battery lower part of the frame also.
  • Now take any paper clip or metal wire and plastic ball.
  • Insert the wire into the ball turning it.
  • Fix the wire to the ball using glue at the lower part of the frame. (the robot will remain on this wheels and plastic ball)

Procedure 3: Make a Dustbin container

Cut one piece of fabric for the filter. Place it over the hole covering it with the box. So that air cannot enter between the frame and the box. Create a hole in the box. Make a nozzle taking the form of the hole.

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You can choose cardboard to make it. Now glue it on the box under the hole. The distance of the nozzle from the floor will be 1mm. The nozzle collects dust from this distance.

Procedure 4: Make Bumpers, program Arduino

Take the aluminum can and cut three-piece of tin and fix wires to resistors. Attach them with glue so the two tin can contact the third while pushing. Bumpers will push them. Cut two piece of board stripe wise and glue them roundly on the frame. Now connect all parts (bumper wires, motor) with the Arduino.

Procedure 5: Trial it Now!

Now try the device. It works or not. Hopefully, you made it following the above steps.

Final Verdict

The making process of the robot cleaner is described here as clear as possible. Carefully read and understand the procedures of how to make a vacuum cleaner robot and try it now. However, Some may need more time to create it.

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