How to clean PC for Good Performance and Speed UP PC

Hello guys how are you? Today I will show you how to clean PC for good performance. Although almost every people in this technological world have a PC or laptop but most of these people are unconscious about the PC to clean. If you regularly clean your computer it improves the performance of your computer. If you don’t know what to keep then cleaning your Windows PC it may be causes a bit risky. By this article you will get the step by step guide about how to clean your PC and speed up PC.

How to clean PC for windows 10

To clean PC concern about some topics

There are few threatening indications, that you should look for to know, when cleaning is unconditionally compulsory:

  • When system is running out of disk space.
  • Your system takes time to startup.
  • When apps and Browser are loading slowly.
  • When your files distributed everywhere and you can’t find your files easily.
  • The programs on the computer doesn’t respond properly.

Once you have addressed the issue, there can be two ways of cleaning your computer, hard drive cleaning and system cleaning.

Hard Drive Cleaning refers to forming your data or files, sorting them, removing the unwanted ones to clear out the memory.

System Cleaning is pretty difficult because you have to investigate into Windows folders and remove junk items that monopolize your system. Moreover, it also includes browser optimizing and uninstall of unwanted programs and apps.

Cleaning Your Computer System

You not only have to eliminate the system trash, but also have to sort and remove the unwanted and old apps. If you don’t want to take the risk of messing the Windows files then you must get Advanced System Optimizer to seal the deal. Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best and powerful tools to optimize and clean your computer for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. The software removes unnecessary and junk files which are no longer needed by your computer. It is an affordable and simple solution to all your Windows optimization issues.

Features of Advanced System Optimizer

It cleans your hard drive-by removing old and unwanted files, therefore making your PC run faster.

The software finds the outdated drivers and updates them for your system which in turns makes your system run smoother and faster.

Advanced System Optimizer not only optimizes your computer but also protects it from threats. The feature System Protector monitors all the processes and doesn’t allow cyberbullies to grab your confidential information.

You can install the software and leave your worries to it but in case you want to know how to clean PC manually, we have a solution for that as well.

Cleaning Your Computer System: Manually

The initial step would be removing the temporary files from your computer. Temporary files are the files that are created by the activity and apps you use on your computer. Generally, they should get deleted on their own but some of these stay on your system. Over time, they pile up and clutter your Windows, making it sluggish.

How To Clean Your Computer

Steps Two Remove Temporary Files From Windows 7

Close all the apps that are open.

Go to Start, type Disk Cleanup in the search box and hit Enter.

Note: You can access Disk Cleanup – Press Windows key along with R to open Run box and type cleanmgr.

You will see Disk Cleanup, click on it to open.

You will get the Disk Cleanup interface asking you to select the drive you want to clean. By default, C is selected.

Then click ok, like this window: How to clean PC


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After this a new window appear then click the ok button. After clicking this it will show you “Are you sure you want to permanently delete all files?”

how to clean your computer


Then click delete files.

clean your PC

By this way you can easily clean your PC. So I hope the article how to clean PC will help you to boost up your PC. In this way you can easily clean your computer disk of windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and windows 10. After that check the speed you can easily seem that your PC is so fast. Besides you can restart after this process if you want and do enjoy. If you think that this article named on, “how to clean PC” helps you then please share to your buddy and social media which helps lots of people.

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