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Are you facing internet problem? Hotspot apk will bring the facility of internet. Hotspot app is an application which simplifies phone internet connection to your PC, tablet via Wi-Fi connection (tethering). So I hope this article help you why you need to download the app.

By this hotspot you can share your internet with one click. There is a special advantages in this app; it shows you the total number of connected devices. Also it allows you to block any unwanted user from your internet. You can delimit a timer to turn off your Hotspot spontaneously after a number of minutes. Besides you can automatically initiate your Hotspot as you connect your phone on USB power. Similarly, you can disconnect your phone from a power source and automatically turn off the Hotspot application.

Hotspot apk

Why You Should Use Hotspot App?

Mobile Hotspot is the most complete application on Google Play to manage tethering. It can  share your Internet connection from your device. Also it is suitable with Desktop, Laptop, PlayStation 3 (PS3), iPad Xbox, blueberry ,Smart TV. Already you have known the importance of the application. I have discussed about this in the introduction section and here. So you know the significant of the apps and use it without any restriction.

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Features of the Hotspot application

This application has some significant features. First five uses the application is free and without advertising. Don’t worry it is possible to remove the ads for $ 1.99. If you pay the amount then you are free from unwanted ads.

  • Wi-Fi tethering settings with few clicks.
  • Share your Internet to other device via Wi-Fi connection.
  • Quick launch from the notification bar and also Embedded Bluetooth setting screen quickly.
  • One click to enter the Wi-Fi tethering screen.
  • App 2 SD support.

Hotspot apk

What’s New In the Hotspot Apk?

  • Compatible with the latest version of Android Lollipop
  • Play Wi-Fi Hotspot on PC, just like Wi-Fi Tethering for PC version.

Notice, some suppliers block the Internet connection sharing or tethering (Ex: Sprint). This app works only if tethering is running on your phone.

Other information of the application

5 million users have installed the app. Last update of the application on 1 April, 2015. This app required android 4 or upper version. Current version is 1.9.8 and offered by AndroidSTT. Developer of this app is Jonquiere, Quebec from Canada. As though the app has 3.6 ratings with 5, five millions of people use it for their daily purpose.

Internet lovers don’t miss this advantage of this hotspot apk. When people face the internet problem then they use their mobile internet through this app. Besides it has another feature for saving battery life. It has battery saver advantages. To do this “Mobile Hotspot” turns off and instantly stops sharing when your battery is running at less than 20%.

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