Gas leaf blower, best power equipment for outdoor

A gas leaf blower is great for move leaves, but actually, it offers some more. You can clean your driveway or balcony too for cleaning grass clipping or sands. During the fall and often in summer and winter gas leaf blower are the best forms other electric leaf blowers. Personally prefer cordless gas leaf blower than the battery or electric one. The best cordless leaf blowers are working responsibly, timesaver, effective same as a power lawnmower. And practically it can run anybody in your home; it’s that easy.

Best gas leaf blowers

Gas leaf blower

Gas leaf blower

There are many leaf blowers are available in the market with different power, number, and size. I am personally using leaf blowers for last eight years and used more than 5. Some of them are really amazing. While researching the market, i found air-movement numbers are really confusing. I mean not all high numbers are very productive and vice versa. However, here are three latest leaf blowers in the market with airspeed analysis so that you can choose your perfect leaf blower at ease.

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Husqvarna 125B E-Tech

Air-speed/volume- 210 mph/ 460CFM

The Husqvarna 125B E-Tech is one of the best leaf blowers I ever had. It’s almost 9 ½ pounds with 28 cc engine. It can do very job light or heavy done perfectly and within time. It has a good amount of airstream that uses its all energy on turbulence in blower tube in the impeller.

The 125B E-Tech provides a fan-shaped nozzle that enhances the power to deal with skims of pavement. It’s not that heavy so you could have a well-gripe while moving it.

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Craftsman 41AS99MS799

Air-speed/volume: 200 mph/430 cfm

If you are looking for a reasonable leaf blower, then Craftsman 41AS99MS799 is best to choose. This one weighs same as the first one but with a bit less engine power. It comes with 25 cc engines, automatic choke to start feature and many more.

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You will like its outlook. At first glance, it seems a hardcore leaf blower for many people. Also while the engine roars and starts its job, you will think yes, this guy is going to do with my dirty patio. The blower is good at moving dry leaves, grass and other dirt including debris. However, it has comfortable handles and great vibration isolation too.

Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC

Airspeed/volume- 150 mph/500 cfm

The Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC leaf blower is meant to be work with two hands. It’s little heavy, but really effective. You can handle it with one hand also if you want too. However, while you pivot the blower too vertically, it offers better maneuverability and its possible better with two hands. It comes with recoil handle, 27 cc engines, and many other features.

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Fall is here, and nature is changing its mode by changing all leaves, air, vibe and other things. It’s beautiful but also annoying when you see your yard is a complete mess by filled with all the garbage. The best solution for that is now in your hand. So have a clear look at your available options and buy the best gas leaf blower according to your judgment.

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