How to check Samsung mobile is an original, Korean copy or clone

Now copy phones are available in the market at low price. So, before buying a brand phone like Samsung, you need to know how to check the Samsung mobile is original or Korean. Because there are many local list and clone phone in the market. Many people purchase face Samsung devices at low prices. But all the Korean Samsung phones are not the copy or clone phones. Many people also do it because of lack of awareness. But if you know some tricks, you can avoid purchasing of Korean Samsung mobile. In this article, is going to share you the ways to check fake and original Samsung mobile.

Why fake Samsung phones are available in the market

check Samsung mobile is an original

Samsung phones are manufactured based on the Android operating system. Samsung Android devices are very much popular all over the world. Seeing this popularity, many manufacturing companies bring the copy of this brand at the lowest price on Online Shopping or someone else. Though people know that these are not the original one, they take the phone. Besides, many people who want to buy the original phones fall on the trap of the seller and buy the copy phone without knowing it.

Ways to check Samsung mobile is the original or Korean copy

Let’s see some tips to review the Samsung mobile is original or Korean.

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Checking the IMEI of the Samsung device

Checking IMEI number is a great way to test the original Samsung Smartphone. IMEI number means International Mobile Equipment Identity. This number is unique for all the Smartphones. So, you should check this number to the manufacture box as it is similar. Besides, you can just dial *#06# to check the IMEI number.

Check the Camera

If you want to identify the face Samsung phone, you should check the camera of this phone. Original Samsung phone has the camera with full resolution and provides sharp photos. If your phone is a Korean clone or copy phone, the image of this phone will be weak in quality.

The building quality of the device

Most of the copy or clone phones are built with cheap materials. You can compare it with an original one. If you look very carefully, you can see the difference between the two Smartphones. The overall appearance will be the same. Look at the glass of the screen. The copy or face one will have low quality glass. The edge is wider in the case of a clone device. Besides, the resolution of the screen is lower than the original one. The home button will not at the exact place as the real one. When you open the battery, you will find that some small components are not available.

You can check the performance

It is another way to identify if the Samsung device is an original or Korean clone. You can take the same picture of an object with this device and an original one. Then compare the image. You will see the difference in the picture quality. Then run a graphic-intensive game. Besides, you can open multiple apps at once and notice the timing. Check the timing of turning the devices off and on. The clone one will be slower always.

Using Samsung Codes

You can identify the fake Samsung device by using the codes. Samsung codes contain numbers and symbols. You can check the phone with some common codes. Use these codes on the dialer application and then press the Call button. If you see that your device is responding to the commands, your device it a genuine one. If it does not respond, you should think that it is a fake one. The code of General Test mode is *#0*#, Service Mode is *#197328640*#, ADC reading code is *#0228#, Bluetooth Test code is *#232331#, battery status code is *#9998*246#. If any code does not appear, your phone is a fake one.

Identifying the original Korean Samsung phone

It is hard for people to determine the original Korean Samsung phone because most of them do not have any clear idea about it. Besides, many people think that the Korean version is always the clone or copy version. Some also call it Anycall. But it is not the truth. However, there are several version of Samsung mobile for Korea. For this, you need to check the model of the device. For the international version, the model will be started with GT-iXXXX. But for the Korean version, it will start with SHW-MXXX and SHV-EXX. Though these versions are original, people think that only the international version of the Samsung device is original.

When you boot a Samsung Korean device, you will see the logo of Anycell or Olleh or LG U+. Besides, the back cover of the phone will contain one of these three logos. You can also check the model no. of the Samsung phone. If you find that the model number starts with S, it is Anycall. The starting letter of Olleh is K, and LG U+ is L. If you see that the Korean Samsung phone is not started with SHW or SHV, you should know that it is not the original Korean Samsung phone. When you remove the battery, you will see the sticker in housing. The letters of this sticker are in the Korean Language. Besides, a symbol with red circle determines that it is original Korean version.

We must not desire to have a clone or copy Samsung Smartphone by spending a handsome amount of money. But many of us fall into the trap. To avoid this, we need to know the proper ways to check Samsung mobile is the original or Korean copy or clone phone. I think the above tips will help you to buy a unique Samsung device. The popularity of this brand makes some manufacturers greedy. They bring clone phones at the cheaper rate and sell them to the market. It is a risk for the users who want genuine Samsung devices. To avoid these, follow the tips and go to the market with a person who knows better about the Samsung device.

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